Friday, December 30, 2022


[Skincare Review] Y.O.U Advanced Youth Line-Smotthing Peptide Night Cream

Hi everyone ! Happy Christmas and here's the last week of 2022 ! I've got to say this year was flying so fast, through happiness and sadness. Well, I wish my you have all good year and more success in upcoming year.

On this last post for this year, I’m going to talk about the anti aging product. We’re aging every year and so does our skin. Therefore, I always take an extra care for the lifestyle and choosing the skincare product to combat my mature skin. One of the product that I currently use is from YOU Beauty Advanced Youth Line-Smoothing Peptide Day Cream.

This cream is formulated with 2.1% Plantide X, the combination of plant derived peptide with M3000 peptides. It helps in stimulate skin renewal and maintain the appearance skin to look youthful. Besides, it also has French Yarrow Extract acts as an antioxidant as well as to keep skin moisture and Ceramide to improve and strengthen the skin barrier.

It has whip texture like a cloud, super rich but still feel light. I immediate feels my skin plump and moist. There’s a slight of tone-up but in natural way. It also suits for thise with oily skin, as it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling.

The cream itself already contains SPF 15, which is actually enough if you don’t have any activities outdoor. But I personally still layered with sunscreen as my house is still exposed with sun light.

At the end, that’s my review for YOU Beauty Advanced Youth Day Cream. Go check them out at marketplace or their offline stores. 

Once again Happy New Year 2023 !! More success for all of us !!


cathy 🤍


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