Thursday, September 15, 2022


It has been quite long since the last time I posted about the beauty products that I used. Somehow, I miss to write and share with all my readers here. This time I'm going to share with you my experience in using one of Luxury Korean Skincare brand that already caught my heart since three years ago. It's Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum (FCAS) which has became one of their best selling products ever since.  


This is the pre-serum or booster serum that is designed to be used at the very first step of skincare after the cleansing step. It helps to prepare your skin, so your next skincare products will have work more optimal to your skin. 




It's formulated with JAUM Activator™ wherein the combination of White Lily, White Peony, Rehmania and Solomon's Seal and Lotus Flower, makes this pre-serum has a beneficial to strengthen your skin barrier. It also delivers radiance, hydration, healthy looking skin and works to improve the sign of aging. 



The texture is light and the consistency is quite liquid with an orange-brownish color. I'm surprised how fast this sinks into my skin. It leaves a natural glow non-sticky finish. What I enjoy the most every time using this product is the herbal scents provided, feels so calming.

Texture and color    
Look at that glowy finish


The packaging is pretty simple, packed in a sleek opaque ceramic bottle. It comes with a pump dispenser with a touch of gold on the neck of the bottle. They are available in several sizes, mine is 60ml. 




At first, I will say, my skin loves this Sulwhasoo FCAS that much. I notice a lot differences whenever I use this at the very beginning of my skincare regime. It helps my other skincare products to have fast absorbing to skin. 

I'm using it twice a day, day and night right after cleansing. Two pumps of each use and I like to give a little massage to my face just because of its herbal scent which always remind me with the smell of spa treatment. 

I've been using it for almost two weeks for now and I do feel my skin smoother, look more radiant and healthy. I'm not sure about the anti aging effect as I believe it needs more time to process it, but by far I'm so happy with the results. The only claim that I don't get from this pre-serum is the hydration. But, that's not a big deal as I can have it from the hydration toner that I use after.


Should you also wanted to try this Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum, it is available online at their official store on e-commerce or you can also direct visit to their offline store. 

Tell me what I should share for my next post ! 😉




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