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Hello! Does anyone in here loves featuring Matcha into skincare as star ingredient? If you do, stay on your seat as I’m going to introduce you the Matcha line products from Heimish, in which it gets along together to pair with All Clean line. For sure this is a collaboration with Style Korean Global.


Matcha itself has many benefits for our skin - rich of antioxidants wherein helpful in reducing skin inflammation, protect skin from UV rays, strengthen skin barrier, reduces oxidative stress and gives clear and healthier skin.

Matcha Biome Amino Acne Cleansing Foam

It has thick white creamy texture that converts into lather when mix it with water.


Comes in bulky plastic tube, this cleanser with low pH 5.5 can be used in AM and PM. I personally more often use it at night, as it helps me in deep cleanse to remove the impurities and dead skin cells. It feels so gentle, light and the containing of Matcha Biome Active makes my skin doesn't feel dry nor tight after use, leaves it moisture instead. There’s a mild fragrance and I assume it's a scent of matcha, so calming.



All Clean Low pH Balancing Vegan Toner

This vegan toner is packed in clear plastic bottle and has transparent, lightweight and watery consistency.




Formulated with AHA and PHA, it can be used for daily gentle exfoliating. Even so, with my dry skin condition, I only use it every two days after night cleansing. It does ease off the impurities from my makeup, feels so soothing, refreshed and provides moisture at the same time. The toner also contains 20 types of natural plant ingredients, fragrance and alcohol free which is good for those have sensitive skin.


All Clean Low pH AHA/PHA Hydro Vegan Essence

It’s an Ethanol free essence that provides exfoliating care and moisture. Weighted for 50 ml, it comes in clear plastic pump bottle. You can see clearly the bubbles of this essence.


Contains mild AHA/PHA and several plant extracts, this essence basically can be used every day. I used it right after the toner. It has clear gel textured, a bit viscous but surprisingly it quick absorbs into my skin and no sticky finish. My skin texture feels so smooth, hydrating and it helps in soothing the tiny bumps I had.

Matcha Biome Hydrogel Eye Patch

This Hydrogel eye patches is the last step of the routine from this line. It comes in plastic jar with second lid and spatula inside to keep it hygiene when taking out the patch.


These 60 patches are infused with Matcha Biome as the anti-aging properties and Niacinamide for the brightening effect. While for the texture, it has glitter on the patch. I use it every 2-3 times in a week and leave it for 30 mins as max. I love the cooling sensation given from this eye patch without i have to store it at the fridge first. My tired under-eye looks awaken in the next morning. The patch also can be used on forehead, smile lines or any pointed area you wanted to treat.



I have been using these lines at once and there's no irritation on my dry skin. I'm sure it's because of the mild and balanced ingredients formulated on each products. Therefore, these are suitable for all skin types. 


If you wanted to try these products, you can purchase them at stylekorean.com and use code “MATCHALINE” to get 10% off. It valids until May 22nd.

Hope you like reading my today's post and see you on the next post!







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