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Tiam's Pore Minimizing lines is another range to treat your pore. This line is concerned with removing blackheads, tightening of pores and controlling sebum.


It's a pore care sheet pack to help melt and remove blackheads and sebum without damaging the skin.


The sheet is formulated with BHA, Soapberry extract and Botanical extracts with its function in removing dead skin cells and impurities, sebum controlling and soothing as well as tightening the skin.

Texture & Packaging

These 35 sheets are packed in a black tube and complete with tweezer to take the sheet out. It also comes with 20 of dual black cotton swabs with an extractor on the other side and Blackhead Out Soap.

My thoughts ?

I do this treatment twice a week to help in clearing the blackheads on my nose area. I love the process and the result. It gently melts away the blackheads and easily removes the remaining on the surface with provided cotton swabs. The soap which contains charcoal also works well in deep cleanse to remove dead skin cells. Skin feels so fresh.



It's a highly concentrated serum with its claimed to control excessive sebum, enlarged pore tightening, brightening and smoothen the skin texture. 


Enriched with 21% of Niacinamide for refining uneven skin tone and texture; 1% Zinc PCA for Anti Aging and Salix Alba Bark Water acts in exfoliating the dead skin cells

Texture & Packaging

The texture is clear, runny and has a semi thick consistency upon application. Apply an appropriate amount to the skin, unless it will leave stickiness. This serum is stored in black glass bottle and weighted for 40ml. 

My Thoughts ?

At first usage, I applied this serum that much and left stickiness on my skin. I have to wait a bit longer until it fully absorbs. I love this niacinamide serum, I notice it helps in improving my skin texture and diminishes acne scars. I always make sure to wear sunscreen if using this on day time, to protect my skin from the harmful sun rays, as it contains active ingredients.


It is a moisturizer to exfoliate sebaceous filaments, balancing natural oil and water levels of skin.


Formulated with 5% Niacinamide and 2.1% Willow Bark (Natural BHA) delivering for brighten skin dullness, smooth skin texture, soothe the skin and slowinh down the aging.


Texture & Packaging

It has white lotion to gel white creamy texture, smooth with thick consistency. It blends easily over the face and non tacky feeling at the end. It comes in black tub for 50ml with no spatula.

My Thoughts ?

This cream locks all the routine. It quickly absorbs to my skin and gives matte healthier skin finish.


A hydrating toner provides hydration and restores skin balance that is created to those with dry skin, dehydrated skin, dullness and tightness.

Formulated with Panthenol and NMF for giving hydration and boosts skin's moisture. It also contains Peptide and Betaine for enhances skin elasticity and strengthen skin barrier.

Texture & Packaging
I like the simple and sleek packaging that comes in a clear bottle. It has a watery texture, not that thin, a bit of viscosity. With a low pH, this toner also helps in balance the skin pH level and preps the skin for next steps.

My thoughts ?
I was so impressed by how it performs. It does what it claims. I can use it on day time or night time, which are both still comfortable. Layering up more to 5x at night for extra hydration, it doesn't feel heavy and leaves no sticky finish. I can say it's definitely a lightweight hydrating toner. My skin feels so plump, moist and dewy.


A hydrating serum that is formulated to deliver intense hydration for people with dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity.

The key ingredient is 6 types of Hyaluronic Acid, giving extra hydrating power, works to plump and hydrate skin. It's also infused with Panthenol and Lotus extract for strengthen the moisture barrier and improve skin elasticity.

Texture & Packaging
I have to be carefull with the packaging as it's made in a glass white bottle, not comfortable to bring along for travelling. The texture is quite thick. Even so it still feels light to my thirsty skin and is fast absorbing. I don't have to wait longer for the next step.

My thoughts ?
I would never say no to hydrating serum. I like how this serum performs on my skin. It leaves my skin smooth and keeps it hydrated. This serum is perfect to layer with any serum, mine personally always layered this with brightening serum. My skin really loves these combos. 
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Hope you all love my review and see you next time!

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