Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Hello lovelies! I wish everyone reading this are in good health as the condition almost back to normal just like before the pandemic. Who’s in here lately feels your skin become dull or drier than it was? If so, your skin might having dehydration or lack of water. 

All skin types can suffer from dehydrated and it can be caused by internal such as the less consumption of water especially during fasting month or external factors like staying longer at AC room, exposure to UV rays, pollution and more.

If those two factors meets it might affected to our skin barrier, skin becomes unbalanced and looks dull or feels tight.

After all, hydration is the key to cope those skin issue and finding the right skincare which provide enough hydration as well as skin moisturized to dry dehydrated skin like me is not easy. 

But after i tried Bioderma in Hydrabio range, my skin barrier problematic is solved. This range is formulated to re-establish skin hydration by providing the water needs to the skin in order to achieve healty skin.

From this range, I’ve been using Hydrabio Serum and Gel Creme. The combination of these two work pretty well under my skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide are the powerful ingredients of these, wherein to provide hydration and boost skin radiance.

I mostly use them once in the morning or some other days at night too depends on my skin condition at that time. The texture of the serum are more into gel but it rub easily on palms before applying to face. Doesn’t leave greasy film. What i don’t like is only the smell. And to seal all the routine, i finish with the gel creme, feels so light and at the same time smoothen my skin.

If you wanted to try these products, currenlt they have special collaboration with Button Scarves and you can have this amazing set at their official store in Shopee and Tokopedia.



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