Sunday, January 30, 2022


Hello!! On this post, I'm going to share with you the most viral lip tint from ETUDE HOUSE FIXING TINT. Recently, Etude has released 3 new shades of their Fixing Tint with a total 8 shades now into the collection. This Fixing Tint became more popular because of their claims  for transfer proof and mask proof. This is one of the added value as with current conditions, we have to keep wearing masks and finding a lip tint that won't transfer to our mask isn't an easy task.

On this TRY ME REVIEW ME event held by STYLE KOREAN, I got a chance to try the most popular lip tint collection from ETUDE HOUSE. Let's dig more into this FIXING TINT.


This tint has a creamy texture, but when applied it feels velvet-y. It also glides smoothly on the lips and leave a lightweight matte finish. With the new formula of Hydro-Matte texture, it provides moisture to the lips. It's comfortable to wear for a day as I don't feel any dryness or tacky on my lips.




The tint is packed in a dove tube wherein each color of the tube represents the color inside. I like the soe doe foot applicator, it gives me an ease to apply the tint especially when I want to have a perfect shape on my upper lips.




I am surprised with the power of this tint stays on my lips. It lasts even after my meal and drink. And after a day of work it still leaves a stain on the lips. I don't really need to reapply during the day.
It comes in 8 shades and my favorites are #01 #06 #07 and ever since I love nude color, of course #04 comes to my list. 


Overall, I love this Fixing Tint that much, it delivers what it claims. Besides, I also find myself wearing this tint quite frequently these days. As for the transfer proof. I still found the tint leave marks on my glass or tumbler. In small amount. But their claim for "mask proof" is proven. I didn't find any product coming off and leaving a stain on my mask. Even though they said that the tint will dry up after 60 seconds, I actually wait a bit longer to ensure the tint sets in place on my lips before I wear my mask.


You can purchase all these Etude House Fixing Tint at Style Korean website or direct to this link and use coupon code TRYETUDELIP to get 10% off. It is valid until February 27th 2022. What are you waiting for? Go check out your favorite shades now!

I wish you have a great time reading my post, see you on the other post.

Sunday, January 23, 2022


Hello lovelies! How's your 2022 going so far? Mine has been good and I can't believe that January comes to an end. Today, I'm going to share with you the eye serum that I've been using for a while and this post remarks as my first post for this year. A brief about my eyes area condition, it has dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and somehow dry. Therefore, I'm always looking for eye products to combat those existing issues. After doing a little research and reading some reviews, I decided to go for N'PURE Marigold Eye Serum Power Concentrate

N'PURE Marigold Eye Serum Power Concentrate is an extension of their Marigold Series. I had tried their Marigold series a few years back and was just in love with how it works to my skin (and oh I've reviewed them on my instagram). 

Let's now get started talking about their ingredients. This eye serum is formulated with powerful ingredients to treat the appearance of the eyes. 
- As the key ingredients, it has Calendula Officinalis (Marigold) Flower Extract and Euglena Gracilis Polisaccharide - act as an antioxidant, these ingredients are great for revitalizing my tired eyes after long day working in front of screen laptop and provides hydration. 
- It also contains the active ingredients which are Multi-Peptide (Dipeptide, Acetyl Tetrapeptide, Tranexamoyl Dipeptide). I always look forward for the eye treatment which contains Peptide, they help to improve the looks under eyes are by deep stimulation to our skin. It will then make the skin firmer, plumper and the fine lines will be less visible. 
- The other notable ingredients are :
  1. Tranexamic Acid - it can lighten the dark circles after 2 to 4 weeks 
     of use;
 2. Poria Cocos Extract - is proven to reduce eye bags;
 3. Ceramide - maintain the skin barrier around the eyes; 
 4. Gold - as brightening properties.

The eye serum is packed in light yellow plastic tube with stainless steel gold applicator. I love to give a little massage around my eyes with it. It is boosting the freshness effect, my eyes feel awaken afterwards. The applicator also gives you an ease in applying the product to your under eyes. Sized for 20ml, it is sold with retailed price of IDR 145,000, still a pocket friendly. The full ingredients as well as the expired date you can find on the the box. 

The texture of this eye serum is more into cream with a shade of white, lightweight and comes out of the easy to handle tube. It absorbs quick on to the skin and works well under makeup. I use this eye serum day and night, a quick noticeable after use is, how hydrating it is for my eye area and it looks brighten by the time. While for the firm or if it works in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, I couldn't say it for now as it takes more time to see the result. In conclusion, this product worked wonder for me and didn't irritate my skin, for sure, because it's already dermatologist tested and free from Paraben, SLS, Alcohol and Mineral Oil.
Before Applying


After Applying

That's all my thought for this N'PURE  Marigold Eye Serum Power Concentrate , i wish you all enjoy reading it and see you on my next post.