Friday, December 30, 2022


[Skincare Review] Y.O.U Advanced Youth Line-Smotthing Peptide Night Cream

Hi everyone ! Happy Christmas and here's the last week of 2022 ! I've got to say this year was flying so fast, through happiness and sadness. Well, I wish my you have all good year and more success in upcoming year.

On this last post for this year, I’m going to talk about the anti aging product. We’re aging every year and so does our skin. Therefore, I always take an extra care for the lifestyle and choosing the skincare product to combat my mature skin. One of the product that I currently use is from YOU Beauty Advanced Youth Line-Smoothing Peptide Day Cream.

This cream is formulated with 2.1% Plantide X, the combination of plant derived peptide with M3000 peptides. It helps in stimulate skin renewal and maintain the appearance skin to look youthful. Besides, it also has French Yarrow Extract acts as an antioxidant as well as to keep skin moisture and Ceramide to improve and strengthen the skin barrier.

It has whip texture like a cloud, super rich but still feel light. I immediate feels my skin plump and moist. There’s a slight of tone-up but in natural way. It also suits for thise with oily skin, as it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling.

The cream itself already contains SPF 15, which is actually enough if you don’t have any activities outdoor. But I personally still layered with sunscreen as my house is still exposed with sun light.

At the end, that’s my review for YOU Beauty Advanced Youth Day Cream. Go check them out at marketplace or their offline stores. 

Once again Happy New Year 2023 !! More success for all of us !!


cathy 🤍


Friday, December 16, 2022

[Skincare Review] Bioderma Sensibio H2O Biphase Makeup Remover

Hello lovely readers ! I'm pretty sure many of you already familiar with Bioderma, the pioneer of Micellar Water for lift off the makeup. If you feel their MW is less powerful in removing you eyes and lips makeup, here you go! Lately they launched Bioderma Sensibio H2O Eye Biphase Makeup Remover.And this time, in collaboration with Clozette Indonesia, I got a chance to try on their product. 




 This makeup remover is created with Bi-phase formula the combination between micellar water and oil-based liquid with their promise to remove the heavy eyes and lips makeup such as waterproof and stubborn mascara and long-wearing lipstick.



It's infused with Hyaluronic Acid to deliver hydration to the skin and powered by D.A.F complex to hydrate and nourish the delicate area.  Besides, this product also contain Provitamin B5 with its benefit in strengthening the skin barrier as well as eyelashes at the same time.


The usage of this makeup remover is simply by shake the bottle to combine the water and oil, then pour some amount to cotton pad and apply to the area to be cleaned. Wait for few seconds and it does melt the mascara and eyeliner easily, no need to harsh rubbing.



The feels of this makeup remover is so gentle to the skin, it gives a soothes feeling and leaves my skin soft with no oil residue. I'm super happy when knowing it is designed free from fragrance and alcohol and suits for all skin types, specifically to those who are with sensitive skin. Well, my eyes area is pretty sensitive, that is why I need to take it with heart attentions.

And that's my review for this Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Remover. If you wanted to know the latest products and info about beauty and anything related, you might visit to their Instagra, @bioderma_Indonesia and @clozetteid. See you on the next post !



Sunday, November 27, 2022

 [Makeup Review] Y.O.U Simplicity Collection

I can’t get enough with Y.O.U beauty products. If you still remember last month I’ve been obsessed with their Cloud Touch Fixing Tint, this month I’m blown with their Simplicity Collection.  I know I might be late to try on these series, but let’s dive in! 

These Simplicity Collection are hybrid makeup as their products infused with skincare ingredients such as Hymagic 4D Hyaluronic Acid, it’s the four types form of HA with different properties to target different layers of skin, to keep skin moisturized and hydrated as well as improved skin elasticity from within. Besides they also have Witch Hazel Extract and Peach Blossom Extract for the antioxidant and to deliver smooth and soft complexion.

The packaging itself are dominated with a touch of pink. Simple yet feminine.

Simplicity Perfect BB Cream

This BB Cream delivers semi matte finish and long lasting comfortable wear up to 8 hours. They have two shades Vanila and Honey, mine in shade Honey. The shade is a bit dark to my skin tone. 

The texture is slightly thick and the consistency is more like a foundation with medium coverage. However it’s easy to blend with fingers or beauty sponge but I prefer using beauty sponge to have smooth and flawless finish. 

Simplicity Flawless Compact Powder

This compact powder has smooth micro powder, lightweight, buildable and non cakey finish. It’s so cute for the little message marked on the powder. The compact powder has two shades and I’m in shade N407 - Neutral Sand.

Thanks to Witch Hazel Extract, as this powder is able to control the sebum around my T-zone and keep my skin moisturized during the day because of HA. I like to apply it using powder brush to have natural sheer coverage. But if you want to go extra coverage, you might use the puff provided. 


Simplicity Eyeshadow Quad

Among the Simplicity Collection, I can say this eyeshadow quad is my ultimate favorite. They are highly pigmented and non creasing. The downside only is they’re slightly fall out.


If you’re new in makeup especially in creating the eye looks, you can go grab this palette. These four dynamic shades (two matte finish and two glitters) are so versatile that suitable in any occasion. You can go bold in the evening by adding the glitters or go light with the basic color for day time. Mine in shade 03-Street.

Simplicity Love You Tint

This lip tint is created with Blueberry extract and 4D HA that gives long stain on the lips. It's a water based and lightweight formula with intense color that gives comfort wear. It leaves a little bit sticky in the beginning of application. 

The Love You Tint comes in four shades with red based dominated, I'm in shade R388-Cherry Red. The shade instantly brighten my makeup look. 


Another point to be highlighted is the elastic applicator. It gives an ease to draw the lips line if i wanted to have the full red lips looks.  

And that’s all my review for Y.O.U Beauty Simplicity Collection. I hope you all enjoy reading it. You can also get these products at their official store in e-commerce.


Saturday, October 29, 2022

[Review] Y.O.U Beauty Cloud Touch Fixing Tint

Lately, I have been over obsessed with lip color called Lip Tint. It seems impossible for me to only have one lip tint. There's always a reason to get myself another one. It's happened when knowing Y.O.U Beauty came out for their lip products named Cloud Touch Fixing Tint



Before we talk further for the products, let's get to know a bit for its brand. Y.O.U Beauty is an Indonesia local brand under Hebe Beauty Group with their philosophy "Long-Lasting Beauty". The brand initially provide only for makeup, they then expanded the lines into skincare, body care and cosmetic accessories. Their presence also has been worldwide to Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and other markets across the world.



This tint is created with water-in-oil formula, that's is why it feels glossy at first application. It has a lightweight texture and feels so soft like a cloud upon applying. I like how it glides easily on the lips and leaves a comfortable matte finish without drying my lips.

Another thing I like from this tint is, it also infused with skincare ingredients such as French Strawberry Leaf Extract, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid, wherein those are rich in antioxidant, help in preventing the lips from drying and also keep it nourished. 



The packaging is pretty feminine, in dove soft pink bottle with a frost closure. The applicator is tapered at the tip which makes the application easy, especially when I want to cover my dark lips lines.


There are 6 shades in total and I've got the shades #R667-Puff Sky and #R199-Airy Kiss. I'm in lobe with these two shades, they instantly give a vibrant looks to my overall makeup. Having said, this is buildable without feeling heavy.  

With the technology of Film Forming Agent, this tint promises to have long lasting stain and less transfer. Well, it is definitely there ! Once the tint is set, expect the very top layer might have transferred to masks, spoon or even water bottles. But once that's gone, there's no more transfer and the color lasts pretty much the entire day. I'm pretty shock that I didn't find myself reapply the tint after 8-hours of use. This is one of the best tint I have ever used.

Puffy Sky
Puffy Sky

Airy Kiss
Airy Kiss


This brightening serum enriched with Symwhite377, 5% Niacinamide, and Carnosine that work effectively in brighten dull skin, reduce dark spots appearance as well as hyper-pigmentation. It also has Korean Camellia Extract - high antioxidants to fight free radicals. 
Comes in white shimmery bottle packaging, the texture is slightly thick but the absorption is quite fast. I also enjoyed layered it with other serums.



This is a Broad Spectrum sunscreen that contains Chemical and Mineral ingredient to give shield protection from UVA, UVB and helps in reducing the effects of blue light. 

It contains Allantoin, Niacinamide, Vitamin E and Centella Asiatica provide skin soothing, soften and moisture.

The texture feels creamy with a water-based formula, weightless and fast absorbs. There was a time I found it left white residue at the end of the day.




It is an skincare infused makeup loos powder. Formulated with Duo Extraordinary Plant Extract that acts as antioxidant to reduce the aging sign and nourished the skin. 
This powder has 3 shades and mine is in shade #W804-Natural Buff. The shade blends well to my medium skin tone. The powder particle feels so soft and light with a smooth finish. It is also completed with Soft Light-diffusing Powder to holds makeup in place and control sebum for 24 hours. 
This egg beauty sponge has the smallest pore which is only < 0,1mikron so it won't absorbs the product. The sponge also feels so soft.
It can be used in dry or wet condition, it is based on the makeup you want to apply and the finish you want to achieve. 

I highly said to you guys to try on their products! You can easily get Y.O.U Beauty products at e-commerce of their official store.
Lastly, that's a wrap for my sharing of Y.O.U Beauty products for October edition. Hope you guys enjoy reading it and see you on the next post !

Thursday, September 15, 2022


It has been quite long since the last time I posted about the beauty products that I used. Somehow, I miss to write and share with all my readers here. This time I'm going to share with you my experience in using one of Luxury Korean Skincare brand that already caught my heart since three years ago. It's Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum (FCAS) which has became one of their best selling products ever since.  


This is the pre-serum or booster serum that is designed to be used at the very first step of skincare after the cleansing step. It helps to prepare your skin, so your next skincare products will have work more optimal to your skin. 




It's formulated with JAUM Activator™ wherein the combination of White Lily, White Peony, Rehmania and Solomon's Seal and Lotus Flower, makes this pre-serum has a beneficial to strengthen your skin barrier. It also delivers radiance, hydration, healthy looking skin and works to improve the sign of aging. 



The texture is light and the consistency is quite liquid with an orange-brownish color. I'm surprised how fast this sinks into my skin. It leaves a natural glow non-sticky finish. What I enjoy the most every time using this product is the herbal scents provided, feels so calming.

Texture and color    
Look at that glowy finish


The packaging is pretty simple, packed in a sleek opaque ceramic bottle. It comes with a pump dispenser with a touch of gold on the neck of the bottle. They are available in several sizes, mine is 60ml. 




At first, I will say, my skin loves this Sulwhasoo FCAS that much. I notice a lot differences whenever I use this at the very beginning of my skincare regime. It helps my other skincare products to have fast absorbing to skin. 

I'm using it twice a day, day and night right after cleansing. Two pumps of each use and I like to give a little massage to my face just because of its herbal scent which always remind me with the smell of spa treatment. 

I've been using it for almost two weeks for now and I do feel my skin smoother, look more radiant and healthy. I'm not sure about the anti aging effect as I believe it needs more time to process it, but by far I'm so happy with the results. The only claim that I don't get from this pre-serum is the hydration. But, that's not a big deal as I can have it from the hydration toner that I use after.


Should you also wanted to try this Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum, it is available online at their official store on e-commerce or you can also direct visit to their offline store. 

Tell me what I should share for my next post ! 😉




Tuesday, May 31, 2022


Tiam's Pore Minimizing lines is another range to treat your pore. This line is concerned with removing blackheads, tightening of pores and controlling sebum.


It's a pore care sheet pack to help melt and remove blackheads and sebum without damaging the skin.


The sheet is formulated with BHA, Soapberry extract and Botanical extracts with its function in removing dead skin cells and impurities, sebum controlling and soothing as well as tightening the skin.

Texture & Packaging

These 35 sheets are packed in a black tube and complete with tweezer to take the sheet out. It also comes with 20 of dual black cotton swabs with an extractor on the other side and Blackhead Out Soap.

My thoughts ?

I do this treatment twice a week to help in clearing the blackheads on my nose area. I love the process and the result. It gently melts away the blackheads and easily removes the remaining on the surface with provided cotton swabs. The soap which contains charcoal also works well in deep cleanse to remove dead skin cells. Skin feels so fresh.



It's a highly concentrated serum with its claimed to control excessive sebum, enlarged pore tightening, brightening and smoothen the skin texture. 


Enriched with 21% of Niacinamide for refining uneven skin tone and texture; 1% Zinc PCA for Anti Aging and Salix Alba Bark Water acts in exfoliating the dead skin cells

Texture & Packaging

The texture is clear, runny and has a semi thick consistency upon application. Apply an appropriate amount to the skin, unless it will leave stickiness. This serum is stored in black glass bottle and weighted for 40ml. 

My Thoughts ?

At first usage, I applied this serum that much and left stickiness on my skin. I have to wait a bit longer until it fully absorbs. I love this niacinamide serum, I notice it helps in improving my skin texture and diminishes acne scars. I always make sure to wear sunscreen if using this on day time, to protect my skin from the harmful sun rays, as it contains active ingredients.


It is a moisturizer to exfoliate sebaceous filaments, balancing natural oil and water levels of skin.


Formulated with 5% Niacinamide and 2.1% Willow Bark (Natural BHA) delivering for brighten skin dullness, smooth skin texture, soothe the skin and slowinh down the aging.


Texture & Packaging

It has white lotion to gel white creamy texture, smooth with thick consistency. It blends easily over the face and non tacky feeling at the end. It comes in black tub for 50ml with no spatula.

My Thoughts ?

This cream locks all the routine. It quickly absorbs to my skin and gives matte healthier skin finish.


A hydrating toner provides hydration and restores skin balance that is created to those with dry skin, dehydrated skin, dullness and tightness.

Formulated with Panthenol and NMF for giving hydration and boosts skin's moisture. It also contains Peptide and Betaine for enhances skin elasticity and strengthen skin barrier.

Texture & Packaging
I like the simple and sleek packaging that comes in a clear bottle. It has a watery texture, not that thin, a bit of viscosity. With a low pH, this toner also helps in balance the skin pH level and preps the skin for next steps.

My thoughts ?
I was so impressed by how it performs. It does what it claims. I can use it on day time or night time, which are both still comfortable. Layering up more to 5x at night for extra hydration, it doesn't feel heavy and leaves no sticky finish. I can say it's definitely a lightweight hydrating toner. My skin feels so plump, moist and dewy.


A hydrating serum that is formulated to deliver intense hydration for people with dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity.

The key ingredient is 6 types of Hyaluronic Acid, giving extra hydrating power, works to plump and hydrate skin. It's also infused with Panthenol and Lotus extract for strengthen the moisture barrier and improve skin elasticity.

Texture & Packaging
I have to be carefull with the packaging as it's made in a glass white bottle, not comfortable to bring along for travelling. The texture is quite thick. Even so it still feels light to my thirsty skin and is fast absorbing. I don't have to wait longer for the next step.

My thoughts ?
I would never say no to hydrating serum. I like how this serum performs on my skin. It leaves my skin smooth and keeps it hydrated. This serum is perfect to layer with any serum, mine personally always layered this with brightening serum. My skin really loves these combos. 
You can try these products at Stylekorean and get 10% discount with code "TIAMEXCLUSIVE".
Hope you all love my review and see you next time!