Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Hello beauties! It's been quite so long since my last post and now I'm back with another edition of skincare review. I'm pretty excited to share this local skincare brand with y'all, because of their good performance for my skin with affordable price. HANASUI currently has renewed their face serums packaging and formula wherein they come in four different variants to choose based on your skin needs. The series are Vitamin C + Collagen Serum - as a booster for skin firming, Vitamin C Serum - brightens and reduce acne blemishes , Anti Acne Serum - help in reducing redness and inflammation and Whitening Gold Serum - as an anti aging and to strengthen the skin barrier. I've been trying for their two serums for about a month and am now ready to share with you.

Vitamin C+Collagen Serum
This is the first serum that I chose, as my concern is to brighten my dull skin eversince I have dry skin. They have S.M.A.R.T benefits which are Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti Aging, Restructuring, Touch.

The serum comes in glass clear blue bottle packaging with pipette as the appllicator and weighted for 20 ml. 

This serum is formulated with some of my favorite ingredients :
- Phyto Collagen : to hydrate and increase the skin elasticiity
- Niacinamide 2% : help with the uneven skintone
- Stay C®50 1% : knowing as Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate that is more stable, so you don't need to worry the serum will oxidize. This formula has function to brighten the skin, as a photoprotective (UV & Blue Light) and prevent hyperpigmentation.
- Fucogel® and Sodium Hyaluronate :  delivers skin moisturizing and claimed to provide you hydration up to 8 hours. 

Texture & Thought
For you might already know, for AM routine, I like to use face serum with the benefit of skin brightening and hydration and this serum cover it all. It has gel dense textured. However it spreads easily on the face but it takes some time to well absorbs. Once absorbs I can feel the hydration immediately and it is stayed for almost a day. What I don't like about this serum is only their strong scent.

Whitening Gold Serum
The reason I chose this as my second serum because their benefit for with the anti aging and strength the skin barrier. I'm quite concern on how to treat my skin barrier. If our skin barrier is broken, the skincare we put on our skin won't work well either. Thus we need to fix our skin barrier first.

The serum packed in pumped glass clear bottle. I found my pumped doesn't work well. I need to push with an extra to take the product out. 

It can be said the key ingredients for this serum are almost the same with Vitamin C + Collagen Serum, the differences are only the amount or percentage for each formulas which higher. Those formulas are Niacinamide 4%, Stay C 50 2% and Phyto Collagen that worked together to as an anti aging (increase skin elasticity, eliminate fine lines, smile lines), strenghten skin barrier, control the exceeds oils and for sure to make skin lightened  and brightened.

Texture & Thought
Just like it's name, it has gold gel sparkly texture. Very smooth to blend and a slightly tacky after absorbing. I can see the small gold particles all over my face after applying. I most of the time use this serum in my PM routine. Eventhough their claimes as an anti aging, I still don't see any differences on my skin. It takes more time to see the results as our skin regenerated every 28 days and it even needs more time depends on your age and your life style. Despite of that, I like the looks of my skin condition in the next morning, it's smoother and brighter. And oh yes, this one also has strong scent.  

In addition, both serums are suit for all skin types from dry, oily, sensitive into combination. You can get the serums on their official online store at Shopee. And that's wrapped my review for this time and see you with the next one ;).


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