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Hello People, it's May already and welcome back to my new post with a skincare brand from Japan "ASTALIFT". If you heard about FUJIFILM, I believe what comes first from your mind is about their photography. But, since 2007 they have evolved their business line into cosmetics wherein they connect between photographic film and skincare. This time in collaboration with Clozette Indonesia, I got a chance to try one of their best selling products, ASTALIFT JELLY AQUARYSTA with their renewal formulation. Interesting enough to get to know more? Let's start!

A bit story for the birth of ASTALIFT, they have dedicated for researching and developing it for around 80 years. In creating this brand, they're using four different technologies; nanoparticle formulation, various collagen, anti-oxidation and optical analysis technology, and when it all combines, it delivers beauty to all of us.

Let's now talk about the product. As the signature product of Astalift and has been raved by many beauty enthusiast, no wonder, this Jelly Aquarysta has won in some beauty awards. This is not an ordinary jelly. It has multifunction benefit as an anti-ageing skincare, Pre-serum or skin booster that helps in optimizing the next skincare step and as make up primer. 

So what is the differentation with the previous one? This new version has higher 10% of Ceramides ingredients and stronger antioxidants using Asenyaku extract. Ceramides is known with its benefit to protect and strenghten our skin barrier. While the antioxidant acts to protect our skin from the exposure of sun rays. 

And as mentioned earlier, Fujifilm is using Nano technology to create the Nanoparticles for the ingredients. Those ingredients are Human-type Nano-Ceramide, Nano-Astaxanthin and Nano-Lycopene. With this Nano size, it deeply penetrates on the layer of the skin, so the product work as it's said and given the result faster. 
It holds well the skin moisturization.

The other powerful ingredients on this product are Collagen and Damask Rose. As an anti aging propreties, Collagen acts in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs. 

This product suits for all skin types and all ages. It also can be used to those who are on fasting. As it will keep your skin hydrated and able to minimize the acnes that might appear during fasting month.

It has gooey orange jelly texture with a rose smell. Very feminine. Feels light and easily spread on face. The absorption is pretty fast and doesn't leave any stickiness or whatsoever on my skin. It's convenient to use both AM/PM.

Another interesting thing for this texture is, no matter how brutal you scoop the product out, this jelly will come back to the smooth form, just like the first time you opened the product. 

How to use it? I use it on the step after toner, by simply scoop the product at this small pea size and place on my palm. Rub it on my palm and apply with upper motion to the face. Gently pat pat afterwards and wait until it well absorbs. I'm then ready for my next skincare step.

The Astalift Jelly Aquarsyta has a well designed and luxury packaging. It's housed in red sturdy and thick acrylic, equipped with a spatula to make it hygiene when you scoop out the jelly. I also like how this one comes with a clear holder to place the product and yes, it's seen beautifully on my stash.

The information about the products are printed inside and outside the cardbox, but all written in Japanese.  

This product comes in two sizes, mine is in 40gr with retailed price IDR 1,473,000. Don't worry if you run out the product as they provide the refill with affordable price.

I really enjoy applying this kind of jelly product to my skin. Whenever I use this product, I can jump into simple skincare step (or knowing as skipcare), because it well hydrates my skin during the day. Really. Besides, my skin feels so smooth and plump, eventhough I just use it for around two weeks. I know it sounds crazy, but this is the result that can be seen fast. Ever since it's loaded with antioxidant and has multifunction as makeup primer, I use this in my morning routine. Makeup stays nicely, no crack, no worries. 

You can also try and find this product on offline store at SOGO Central Part and Lotte Shopping Avenue or you can also shop the product online at their official store at Tokopedia and Shopee Mall.

Here comes to an end, hope you guys enjoy reading my thought about Astalift Jelly Aquarysta and see you on the nex post !


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