Sunday, September 6, 2020


Being able of having treatment is such a pleasure, where you can enjoy your quality time with yourself, either it’s face treatment, hair treatment or even total body treatment. I was excited when I got chosen by Clozette Indonesia to try one of the treatment from ClickHouse. When the pandemic of Covid-19 hit our country, it can be said that it’s gonna be my first treatment after the “New Normal” is being implemented. But worry not, Click House have followed and applied the New Normal protocols to keep their customers safe.

Click House itself is one of the well-known beauty clinic in Indonesia, with their outlets not only spreads in Jakarta but also in Bandung. Click House offers several treatments that can be suited with our skins’ condition and needs. The treatment I chose this time is Instant Skin Rejuvenation. This treatment is using high-frequency wave with a click which converting the light spectrum into heat energy. Moreover, this treatment is able to stimulate collagen production on the layers of the skin, so it helps speed up the skin generation and minimize the pores appearance. After all, it helps in achieving a healthy, brighter and younger looking skin. Without long overdue, here’s my experience of having treatment at Click House in this New Normal.


First thing first of course I made an appointment to the nearest outlet for the treatment time. During current situation, Click House has limited the visitors to keep social distancing, but their operational hours is normal from 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM. So, I booked on Saturday at 3PM at Melawai branch, South Jakarta and let them know for the treatment I will have. The beautician then informed me not to use night cream 2 days before the treatment and to come 15mins earlier before the treatment. On the day, they also reconfirm our attendance on the mentioned hour.


When arrived at the Clinic, one of the beautician directly check my body temperature and wrote it down on mini sticker where I have to place it on my shirt. All the beauticians in here are wearing a mask and face shield. They also provide the hand sanitizer on the side of welcome table.

The body temperature is sticked

Afterwards, there’s a form to be filled and the beautician started ask me several questions related with my skin and body condition such as skin type, if I’m in the period cycle and for any allergic. They also attached the “Check List Treatment” on the form, to check whether all the treatment process has followed the New Normal protocols or not. Once it’s done, they directed me to the waiting room on the 2nd floor.

The additional of "New Normal" form

The waiting room is pretty cozy wherein it’s dominated with comfy red sofa with big TV screen attached on the wall. Not only that, there’s also mini playground for the kids.

Waiting room



What I like of having treatment at Click House is, they provide free consultation with the Doctors before the treatment. Later, the Doctor will suggest us for which treatment is suit with our skin condition. So, I consult with the Doctor that I had an active acne (it was just popped in the morning I woke up) and whether I could still do the Instant Skin Rejuvenation treatment. After checking my face a while, She said it’s still be ok.


It’s treatment time! Once entering the room, it’s seen the bed is covered with white long paper and the beautician is immediately sprayed disinfectant on it. All the kimono and towels are placed in clear plastic zip lock.

The treatment properties

The first step of the treatment is face cleansing using milk cleanser to remove makeup and new sponge to remove the remaining dirt. The sponge is only for single used per visitor and not to forget to mention, the beautician is using rubber gloves so there’s no direct touch skin to skin. It then continued with massage from face to shoulder and head. My body and mind felt so relaxing on this step and yes this is one of my favorite step. The massage helps to accelerate blood circulation on the body.

Before treatment
First cleansing

Next is face scrub to remove dead skin cells. They have 2 types of scrub and since I have active acne, they use mild scrub. They massage my face gently and being careful when it comes to my acne spot area. Once done, she started cleaning my face with face cleanser. The process then followed with facial steaming using machine that is pumping out hot steam for some minutes. It helps to preps skin to the next steps and penetrate it deeper into the skin.

Face srub

Second cleansing

Thereafter, this is the most important steps among of all. Before doing laser, she applied ultrasound gel all over my face and I felt cooling sensation from it. My eyes also cover with cotton and kind of small black glasses to protect my eyes from the machine light. The machine will transfer the heat to our skin and the heat is adjusted to our comfort. There’s no pain at all, so don’t worry.

Applying ultrasound gel

The laser is being conducted

The last step of the treatment is Peel Off mask using Chocolate variant with the benefit for skin lifting, moisturizing as well as brightening. The smell of this mask made me want to eat it. After left the mask for 15-20mins, the mask is being removed by the beautician. And voila, the treatment is done.

Chocolate Peel Off Mask

After treatment

Lastly, she informed that In order to avoid any reaction from the treatment, there are some points to be noted such as not using night cream for 2 days, not washing my face using warm water for the next 8 hours and avoid direct sun exposure for +/- 7 days. 

I am a happy customer with this new experience at Click House. They have good hospitality, informative staffs and all the procedures have conducted properly, so I feel safe. From the treatment, I can see instantly my skin looks bright and feels so plump. And few days later, I noticed my PIH (Post Inflammation Hyperpigmentation) slowly diminishes.

Right side
Left side

This Instant Skin Rejuvenation costs for IDR 500,000/treatment with length duration approx 75mins. They also have special offering if you choose the package of this treatment. So, booked your spots now! 

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