Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy International Women’s Day to all of my readers ! Happy Sunday too ! I'm feeling Jakarta's weather today is so hot or I can just said for the past few days it was extremely hot. Until I'm actually avoiding to go out under the sun if it's not really necessary. Speaking of the sun, do you know that the sun exposure can cause skin aging? Well, it's not the main factor of skin aging, but to be known 50% of skin aging is from the external factors. We know that aging is a process that naturally occurs, where the skin's ability to regenerate decrease as we increase the age. Therefore, we have to take a better care of our skin by using the right skincare products to slow down the aging process. Gladly, I was sent by Clozette Indonesia the range of anti aging skincare "AGE REVIVE" from Clinelle. This range consists of 6 products that I'm gonna talk today.

But before that, as always, let’s talk about the brand first. Clinelle is originally from Malaysia that founded in 2004 and has entered into Indonesia beauty market since 2017. Clinelle is formulated their products with “7 secrets to happy skin” wherein they don't include the potential harmful ingredients. Therefore, their products are known with “Happy Skin Happy Face”.  In addition, their products have been dermatologically tested.

Through Age Revive series and their campaign “My Beautiful Healthy Age”, Clinelle wants to bring us to revive our confidence and allow our skin to stay healthy as our age by using the right skincare. Please do remember to yourself, that Women's beauty is not limited by age. Ok, now let’s get back to the products.  This series is empowered by “Youth Activate Technology (8+1)" with 9 plant extracts to fight signs of skin aging.
-Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract : Improve the skin texture, restore the skin firmness, rotects skin from UV rays and pollution
-Crocus Chrysanthus Bulb Extract : Stimulates the “Natural Growth Factor”, increase collagen
-Achillea MillefoliumExtract : Improve the appaerance of dry skin, restore the skin moist
-Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract : is an antioxidants that help to fight free radicals, helps wound healing
-Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract : provide calming and soothing to dry skin and rough skin
-Mellisa Officinalis Leaf Extract : control oil, reduce redness and inflammation due to acne, brighten and improve the uneven skin tone
-Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract : helps brighten the skin, minimize pores appearance, reduce inflammation and restore the skin elasticity
-Primula Veris Extract : helps to repair troubled skin (pimples, breakouts, redness), make skin looks more radiant.
-Veronica Officinalis Extract : Skin soothing, brighten skin tone

At the first time of usage, I was quite surprise with the strong smell come from these products. Each products have the same scents by the way. It smells like peppermint mix with other plant extracts that actually so relacxing upon applying of these products. But, if you're sensitive with strong fragrance, this one might bothered you. 


Housed in the silver plastic bottle with white pump. Unlike the other Age Revive products, this one doesn’t come with the cardbox. For the new one, it only wrapped in plastic on the head of the pump. The description of the cleanser as well as the direction and ingredients are well written on the back of the bottle. It prices for IDR 129,000 for 100ml.

This second cleanser has kind of dense gel texture, that one pump is enough to cleanse the entire face. It's effectively remove the residual makeup and skin impurities. After mix it with water, the gel will transform into soft lather.

The most important thing for me when using a cleanser is, it will not dry out my skin. And this one does the good job. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using this cleanser. 



Packed in the plastic bottle, this lotion is equiooed with flip-top closure on the mouth of the bottle. I like this idea of packaging as I rarely found toner that comes with another flip-top closure inside. And oh, this one also doesn't come with cardbox. But no worries, as all the related information of this lotion already printed nicely on the body of the bottle. Contains for 100ml, it retailed for IDR 249,000. 

Once pour it into palms, you might feel the texture of this lotion is slightly thick, yet it's quite runny. This lightweight lowtion absorbs fast into skin.

It claims to help in reducing the smile lines as well as wrinkles and minimizes pores. 

I usually use this lotion for two layers day and night, and there's no stickiness feeling at all. Just because I've only been using this product for 1.5 weeks, I still don't feel of this product claimed. At this momen only moisturizing and freshen that I feel. 



It packed in ordinary pump bottle. Weighted for 15ml, it sold for IDR 399,000. Unfortunately, I quite don't like with this pump. Mine is a bit hard to press and once I could, the serum will excessive come out. It's kind of waste as I only need small amount for the eyes area only. I hope I just got the bad batch of production.

Comes like cream texture, it has lightweight consitency. This eye serum is formulated with Crocus Chrysanthus Bulb to tighten the eyes area and refresh tired eyes, Sphilanthes Acmella Flower to help in reducing wrinkle and crows feet.

This eye serum absorbs well into skin and is applicable to use under makeup. It helps me in awakened and refresh my eyes area, everytime I have lack of sleep. 
The amount of one pump



It comes in pump bottle packaging, just exactly the same with the packaging of eye serum. You can get this product with IDR 399,000 for 20ml. 

The texture is more into lotion with thick consitency. This concentrated essence is formulated to help in revitalizing and tighten the skin. It also protects skin against daily pollution and UV rays. 

Eventhough it's a thick, again this product doesn't leave any stickiness on my skin. I think all the Age Revive products are made with easy absorption, this one as well. All I can feel when using these range is my skin looks smoother.



This lifting emulsion comes in the pump bottle with clear closure and yes, it comes with cardbox too. Details of this product such as direction of using, ingredients and others are printed in the back body of the bottle and the cardbox as well. It contains 80ml with price of IDR 329,000. 

It's a very lightweight moisturizer that is formulated for people with normal, oily and combination skin. Infused with double Hyaluronic Acid, it gives hydration to the skin.  

I'm using this emulsion in AM routine after serum and I like how light this moisturizer is. The absorption is on point, it's quick. Besides makes my skin moist, I also notice that my skin looks more radiant.   



Housed in plastic round packaging, this cream already completed with spatula and also comes with cardbox. To keep the cream hygiene, there's white lid in between the cream and the closure. Retailed for 399,000, it contains for 40ml.

I think this is the lightest texture in form of cream I've ever tried. The texture is more likely the emulsion. It's quite runny as I don't even need the spatula to scoop the cream. This cream  is formulated with hyaluronic acid to reduce and fill the appearance of deep wrinkles, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract as anti-inflammation and help to fight against the harmful effects of pollution and maintain skin moisture. 

I use this cream every night as an alternate with the emulsion that I use in the morning. I like the moist given from this cream. As the next morning I wake up, my skin looks healthy and plump. Considering the light texture of cream,  I wish they come with bottle pump packaging instead of jar.


As the conclusion, the points that need to be marked after my using of these Age Revive  for 1.5 weeks are my skin feels moist, hydrated and smoother. In addition, I love how my skin tone looks birghter day by day. Meanwhile for the wrinkles, fine lines and eyes area I believe it requires more time of use until I come back with the final review. 

So, that's all my review for Clinelle Age Revive and I hope you enjoy it. If you're curious and want to try their products, you can get them all at the nearest Guardian store in Indonesia. 

See you on the next post !


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