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Hello beautiful readers ! So, I was invited to SAFI Blogger Gathering Jakarta few weeks ago and this time they introduce their skincare lineswith new formula for SAFI AGE DEFY. The event was full of laughs and of course the new knowledge in how to prevent aging. Besides, I also got a chance to try SAFI AGE DEFY series, yeiiyy!!

The event itself was held at Mercure Hotel Gatot Subroto. A new hotel which has strategic place because they have two acsess wherein one of the acsess is free from odd-even number regulation. Mr. Feraldo, a Marketing Communication from Hotel Mercure, was giving the presentation regarding Mercure Hotel. The hotel has 253 rooms with 4 types different of room and each rooms are provided with walking wardrobe. Besides, the hotel is using concept “Zero Plastic Use” wherein for drinking, each rooms are provided with drinking jar and there’s filling water station in each floors. So the guest can refill their drinks as much as they want.

After that, the event continued with talk show with Cheryl Raissa - a beauty content creator and Mrs. Dita as a representative from Safi Indonesia. They shared about their experiences in using SAFI products especially for AGE DEFY series and when they got a chance to visit Safi Research Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Everyone in the rooms was so excited with the talk show as we were all aware how important it is to use anti aging products in the early age to prevent any aging signs.

Now, let’s talk about SAFI. SAFI is a skincare brand originally from Malaysia. Their products are developed at Safi Research Institute and the first halal institute in the world. Using only natural ingredients, their products are free from alcohol as well as gelatin and halal certified by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) and Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

SAFI has several skincare lines in which each lines is already classified based on our skin needs. SAFI AGE DEFY itself is their anti aging series and they have developed their products with new formula of Beetox Technology and Gold Extract. 
Beetox : also known as Bee Venom which have many benefits such as brightening, moisturizing, minimize aging sign and maintain skin elasticity. 
Gold Extract : contains trace minerals that help to improve skin texture and elasticity as well as help to disguise the apperance of fine lines.

I am here now to give my first impressions, since I've only been using these for around one week. So, I still need to have more time to finally give my finaly verdict. Please be note that the effect to each skin may vary, while I'm here having dry to combination-dehydrated skin. 

Housed in purple plastic bottle with touch of white as the pump. It contains 100ml. What I like from the packaging is the attached closure on the neck of the pump, ensure the product will not come out from the pump in case we bring this for travelling

The texture is so watery and runny. As the first cleanser it does the good job in removing lip liquid and eyeliner. I didn’t find it’s effective to remove the waterproof mascara, as you need to rub more and more until it dissolves. So, it’s better to use eye makeup remover first.
Enriched with gold extract, olive oil and honey extract, this first cleanser will leave your skin moisture while cleansing your makeup.
The smell is quite strong, so to those who’s sensitive with strong smell might not be comfortable with it.

Just like the other cleanser, it’s packed in the tube with fliptop. Dominated with golden color and touch of purple, this cleanser is weighted for 100gr with retailed price IDR 52,900. You can see details of the ingredients on the back of the tube.

Formulated with gold extract, silk protein and vitamin C, this cleanser helps to brighten the skin while cleansing the face from dirt.
It has thick creamy texture with golden color, just the same color with the packaging. I can smell strong scent on this cleanser.
I like how this second cleanser helps me to remove my face from the remaining makeup and impurities. It  feels so fresh and i didn’t feel any tight feeling after being used.

Housed in plastic transparant bottle with golden cap, you can see how rich they are with the golden flakes. The full size is about 100ml with retail price of 142,900.

It formulated with Gold Extract, Silk Protein and Bio Hyaluronic. Silk Protein which contains 18 type of Amino Acid will make the skin to feel smooth, while Bio Hylauronic itself is known to retain and lock the moisture of the skin. 

The texture is semi-light with gold flakes in it. The gold flakes will blend and with the skin upon applying. It has quick absorption. This essence is good to prepare the skin before to the next step.

I always a big fans of essence and this one I've been eyeing for quite long. And yes, I love how this product works on my skin. My skin feels so moisture and soft throughout the day.  

This one has the most luxury packaging among the other AGE DEFY series. House in transparant glass bottle with golden closure. It weights for 20gr, this Youth Elixir sold for IDR 169,000.

It's bi-phase so you need to shake it well before use. It's so watery and for me I just need few drops not the entire pipette, a little goes a long way. 
Contains Gold Extract, Beetox and Propolis, this one is good for fimring, diminish pigmentation and maintain skin elasticity.

As you can see from the texture, it might contains like oil but it's not. I don't feel any greasiness after applying, whilst it absorbs to skin in just few second. I like how it helps my dry skin moisture during my day to day activity. 

This skin booster is packed in plastic spray bottle and has metallic golden color. It contains 75ml and priced for IDR 129,000, this booster is just perfect to bring for travelling as it's also super light. 

The smell itself is more like vanilla. I personally love it too much, not that kind of strong scent. Enriched with the main ingredients of Gold Extract and Royal Jelly, it helps in stimulates skin moisture, refreshes the skin, protecting skin from pollutant and for sure helps our makeup last longer. 

As directed, I use this after make up and in the middle of the day. This skin booster keep my skin looks refresh and healthy skin looking. The spray also spreads perfectly to entire face.

I'm enjoying myself using these SAFI AGE DEFY series. I feel my skin more supple and moisture. Meanwhile for brightening or minimize the fine lines such as smile lines or other aging signs, I need to use for more couple weeks even months, to get my very final verdict.

If you want to try the products, you can get all these offline at your nearest stores such as Guardian and Watsons or online at Shopee.

Last but not least, here we are from the event.

Thank you SAFI Indonesia for having me. See you on the next event.


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