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Staying healthy by having regular work out has become my life style for over than 6 years. I manage myself to train my body 2-4 times a week by joining the classes or doing weight lifting at the fitness club. I like to join and try various cardio classes just because somehow I found out it could release my mind from work and else. Thus, I was so excited when few weeks ago Female Daily invited me to the event “Stay in Shape with Genetrix” because there was Pound Fit Session. 

The event was held on Sunday Morning and started at 8 AM, thankfully it was located not that too far from my home so I could make it in time. The first agenda of the event was pound fit session, but before it started, we got a chance to try Genetrix Slimming Cream and we firstly had to measure part of our body that we focus to size down or firm. I applied the cream around my belly because this is the hardest part of my body to get firm. 

We then directed to the exercising area which was outdoor with the warm and fresh air of Sunday morning. I always excited to join pound fit as I don’t have this class at my fitness club and this is my 2nd time to join. The instructor for pound fit was kak Rima Melati and she gave us slight introduction of what to do and not to do during the session. And here we go, the pound fit begun!

The pound fit session was last around an hour and I almost out of breath but it felt so good, my body was sweating like a lot. Before it continued to the next agenda which was the talk show, we were giving a break for clothes changing and enjoy the light snack bite which was so yummy.

Kak Imani - MC
Kak Ochel - Representative of FD
Kak Dian - Representative of Genetrix
Before the talk show begun with kak Rima Melati and dr. Rizal Alaydrus, there was a short welcoming hello from Female Daily representatives and product introduction from Genetrix representative. 

The talk show shared a lot of things in how to achieve our body goals in a right and good way. We need to focus with our goal once we start work out and in order to do that, we have to be disciplined of what we consume, our resting time and the product we use to support us in achieving it. The results may take months or even years, it all back depends on us and it called progress. From this sharing session, I learnt more about how our body work and surely will do for the tips that has been given to achieve my goals for my own body.

Won as The Best IG Post
The final part of the event was the announcement of the best dress, best IG story and best IG post and surprisingly I won for the best IG post. YEEIIYY!! 

All the happy faces after Pound Fit

Not to forget we also had the photo sessions with all the participants and all wrapped up. Thank you Female Daily and Genetrix for having me ! See you on the next event !

Mini Product Review

And now let’s talk about the product itself. Genetrix Slimming Cream is a cream that will help us to reduce the circumference of some areas of our body such as thigh, abdomen, arms or intended areas. Formulated with Marine Ingredient from Bermuda Island, this cream can help us to burn more fat 2x faster while we do work out. Besides, this cream also using the chosen natural ingredients such as Spirulina Platensis Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this cream claim can help to eliminate cellulite, giving skin moisture and maintain skin elasticity. 
It suggested to use this cream twice a day and can be followed with or without exercise, but surely after 28 days of use the results on each person will be different.

My experience after using this cream, I felt warm and itchy sensation in few mins and during work out I found redness on the area I applied which meant the product is working. The cream itself more feels like lotion, not that thick but it’s a bit tacky once applying. It comes in white firm plastic jar packaging and they have two sizes 100gr and 250gr.
After apply

Besides of slimming cream, Genetrix also has Stretch Mark Cream, you can simply check out to their website or Instagram for further infor. You can also directly purchase their products online at market place such as tokopedia, blibli and shopee. Thank you for reading mes amies ! Until next time ;)

xOxO - Cathy

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