Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Hey Loves! In continuing to my previous post for the grand opening 1st boutique store of Banila Co, I got a goodie bag from the event. I have initially shared on my Instagram stories for the goodies and was so excited with all of those as I’ve never experienced with B. by Banila makeup collection. So here I am, going to talk about them, my first impression and so on.

B. by Banila Truetrick Brow Palette
This palette is quite unique with the brow pan shaped which has 3 gradation shades from light brown - brown - dark brown. This palette is alos completed with mini angled brush and spoolie for giving us an ease in creating and design our eyebrow. Texture wise, it's so powdery and a little bit hard to stick on my eyebrow. So, in order to the brow powder stick nicely and stay longer, I usually use this after skincare/foundation when my skin is still damp. 

I'm in shade 02-Brownie and I love this brow palette as the shades are match with my skin tone as well as my dark brown hair. It will give me natural brow looks as the final result.

This brow paltte only has 2 shades with price per item is IDR 280,000. 

 Truetrick Brow Palette (02-Brownie)

B. by Banila Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick 
Do you still remember B. by Banila tagline "Skincare for Makeup"? Yes, this lipstick is formulated with serum and contains argan oil as well as honey extract that will keep your lips moisture during the day. This lipstick glides easily on my lips with glow finish. I can say the pigmentation is in moderate level that I need to apply a little bit more especially on the edge of my lips since it's a bit dark. 

There are 9 shades for this lipstick and I'm in shade SPK03-Rose Falling. The price for this liptstick is around IDR 210,000 each. 

 Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick (SPK03-Rose Falling)

B. by Banila Liplike Lip Slip
The last product I received is Liplike Lip Slip. Back on the event, we actually got a shopping voucher that can be redeemed with Banila Co. products. After looking through the store for the products that I want, I decided to pick this Lip tint. I chose shade RD03-English Red just because on the last makeup demo I saw Oscar Daniel was using this shade and I really love how it looks after applying.

This lip tint has 3 in 1 functions that can be used as lip tint itself, blush on and eyeshadow. It’s lightweight and not to mention it smells sweet like candy. The tip of the applicator is so soft and the pigmentation is everything. Eventhough it has matte finished, this lip tint doesn't dry my skin. As a lip tint, I just use it in small amount and spread it with my ring finger. This lip tint is pretty stay longer on the lips eventhough after meal or drinks and oh it's transfer proof.

This Liplike Lip Slip has total 6 shades in the store and costs around IDR 250,000 each.

 Liplike Lip Slip (RD03-English Red)

With their simple yet white clean packaging, I overall love the B. by Banila makeup collection for everyday use. 

Top :  Liplike Lip Slip (RD03-English Red)
Bottom :  Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick (SPK03-Rose Falling)

You can also get all the products from Banila Co. official boutique stores, CNF Stores or through beauty platform Sociolla for the online. Until next review ;)

xOxO - Cathy

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