Sunday, November 10, 2019


Happy Sunday everyone ! How was your weekend? Wishing my readers had good weekend and ready to rock Monday ^^. Anyway, who is in here love to celebrate birthday? Well I do. And yes, few weeks ago I was invited by Revu Indonesia to attend their 1st birthday celebration ever. I was so excited back then once received the invitation, yet I was also worried that I could not make to the place on schedule because the event started at time 30 minutes earlier before I finish my work. But it turned out super fine for me, eventhough I was a bit late, I still enjoyed myself and had much fun to the event. The event of 1st Revunniversary is full packed with the partners such as SuperYou Indonesia by Sequis Online, Hello BeautyIndonesia and Simplysiti Indonesia, and not to be mentioned the games with lot of prizes. So, if you want to know more how fun the event was, just sit back and keep reading this post!

Mr. D.K. Chang as the founder and CEO Revu Corporation

Before we go deep into the event, I wanna slightly talk about Revu first. Some of you might already know what Revu is, but I also believe some of you still keep questioning about it. Revu Indonesia is a digital platform where they gather all the reviewers become Revu Content Creator to review the products/brands which have partnership with them. The chosen reviewers will receive the product/free sample product and in return they have to give their best review through their media social such as Instagram, facebook and blog. The best reviewers will also get some additional prizes, but again it depends with the campaign of each brands. Isn’t it fun? For those of you who just started to be in this industry to be a reviewer or content creator, you’re surely have to register yourself at Revu Indonesia, one of the best review platfrom, and to be part of Revurian.

Mr. Jimmy Lin as Managing Director Revu Indonesia

OK, now let’s get back to the event. The event started with opening speech from Mr. D.K. Chang as the founder and CEO Revu Corporation and Mr. Jimmy Lin as Managing Director Revu Indonesia. Next, all the revurians gathered to come forward to stage to sing birthday song and blew the candle together.

Mr. Evan as Head of Digital Channel SuperYou Indonesia

After we sat back to our seat, the event continued with the introduction of SuperYou Indonesia. Mr. Evan as Head of Digital Channel lead the presentation of the brand. SuperYou Indonesia by Sequis Online is a new digital insurance that will give you simple and easy way to protect yourself. You can choose the protection based on your needs and check your profile anytime and anywhere with just one click from your cell phone. Not to be worried, SuperYou Indonesia is a part of PT. Ausuransi Jiwa Sequis Life and already registered at OJK.

Next is greeting and slightly introduction form the representative Hello Beauty Indonesia. Hello Beauty Indonesia is a beauty platform/beauty services marketplace for beauty professionals and clients, wherein clients can book and discover for the beauty services from anywhere.

The event then continued with Make Up Demo & Workshop from Simplysiti Indonesia with Mrs. Chidra Tansil. But before it started, there was brand and product introduction from its representative, Mrs. Astuty. Simplysiti is a beauty brand from Malaysia which already existed for 10 years and owned by the famous Malaysian singer Dato Siti Nurhaliza. On this session, we were also experiencing to try Simplysiti products such as Cushion Foundation, Shading Blusher and Matte Lip Cream.

The last station of the event was games. Who were not excited with the games and the prizes for sure? We were all! We couldn’t stop laugh just because the games were so fun and almost forgot that tomorrow we still need go back to work.

Last but not least from the event of course photos session with all the participants. So here we are, the revurians ! Thank you Revu for having me and see you on the next event ;)

All the Revurians


Now, let’s get on to mini review of Simplysiti products. I really love the Cushion Foundation. The shade Natural Beige GCF02 really blends well on my skin and it gives me natural look with dewy yet glow finish.

The Shading Blusher GSB01 consists of blush in pink-orangey and contour in medium brown. Once applying the blush, it more into pink on my skin and instantly freshen the look. I don’t really use contour in my daily basis make up, instead I use this as eyeshadow to give me the natural make up look.

Meanwhile for the Matte Lip Cream, it’s too matte for my dry skin and a bit of sticky. So I need to apply more lip balm before use this lip cream. However, this shade Primrose Pink GML03 is really beautiful and just complete all my natural look using these products from Simplysiti.

Just because I love all these Simplysiti products, I will talk more about these on my next post. So you better wait and see you ;)

xOxO -Cathy-

Monday, November 4, 2019


Hello loves ! I hope everyone is doing good. Well, I’m now being recovery after having sore throat and Gastric Acid for the entire last week that made me had to stay on bed during weekend. Well, on this post I’m going to talk about body care from one of local brand Noera Skincare. Maybe some of you already heard about this brand and some not. Don’t worry, I will break down into words everything in here and this time is for Noera Lightening Body Lotion. So, happy reading !

Besides of taking care with a lot of skincare steps for face, the body treatment also could not be forgotten. I personally have uneven body skin tone, my legs have brighter skin tone than my hands, it can be because of my hands have sun direct contact much more than legs. Eventhough I have treated them equally, it somehow takes longer to get even body skin tone. Noera then launched their Lightening Body Lotion to solve our problem for uneven skin body. And in collaboration with Smart Beauty Community, I’ve got a chance to try this body lotion.

Noera Lightening Body Lotion is body lotion for skin lightening with chosen ingredients that are safe to be used for all skin types, normal and/or sensitive skinThis lotion has several claims such as lighten skin due to sun exposure, soften and moisturize skin and also promotes healthy glow skin. 

The lotion is packed in plastic transparent bottle with silver and tip-top cap. The body bottle is quite firm and we couldn't easily squeeze it to get the product out. Instead, we need to shake the bottle several times until the product comes out from the mouth of the cap.

The tip-top cap

Speaking of the texture, this lotion has creamy white texture with thick consistency. It also has strong smell like floral scent (I somehow have difficulties in describing scent). To those who are quite sensitive with fragrance, you better test it before. So, don’t ever say I haven’t warned you before. 😉
Once apply
After apply

Aqua, Ceterayl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Dimethicone, Alpha-Arbutin, Glycerin, Titanium Dioxide, Bellis Perennis Flower Extract, Petrolatum, Fragrance, Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulois Oil, Ceteareth-20, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Licorice (Giyoyrrhiza Glabra) Extract, Potassium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

After more than 2 weeks of use, I have loved and hated relationship with this lotion. The loved is, once applying the lotion it spreads easily with no effort even though the lotion has super thick consistency. It also doesn’t leave any stickiness and absorbs quick in secs. My body skin feels so soft and brighter day by day. While for the hated thing is just the strong fragrance that bother me every time I use this.

This lotion is already BPOM certified and you can purchase this Noera Body Lightening Lotion online with retail price IDR 115,000 at market place such as Shopee and Tokopedia

xOxO - Cathy

Sunday, October 27, 2019


Staying healthy by having regular work out has become my life style for over than 6 years. I manage myself to train my body 2-4 times a week by joining the classes or doing weight lifting at the fitness club. I like to join and try various cardio classes just because somehow I found out it could release my mind from work and else. Thus, I was so excited when few weeks ago Female Daily invited me to the event “Stay in Shape with Genetrix” because there was Pound Fit Session. 

The event was held on Sunday Morning and started at 8 AM, thankfully it was located not that too far from my home so I could make it in time. The first agenda of the event was pound fit session, but before it started, we got a chance to try Genetrix Slimming Cream and we firstly had to measure part of our body that we focus to size down or firm. I applied the cream around my belly because this is the hardest part of my body to get firm. 

We then directed to the exercising area which was outdoor with the warm and fresh air of Sunday morning. I always excited to join pound fit as I don’t have this class at my fitness club and this is my 2nd time to join. The instructor for pound fit was kak Rima Melati and she gave us slight introduction of what to do and not to do during the session. And here we go, the pound fit begun!

The pound fit session was last around an hour and I almost out of breath but it felt so good, my body was sweating like a lot. Before it continued to the next agenda which was the talk show, we were giving a break for clothes changing and enjoy the light snack bite which was so yummy.

Kak Imani - MC
Kak Ochel - Representative of FD
Kak Dian - Representative of Genetrix
Before the talk show begun with kak Rima Melati and dr. Rizal Alaydrus, there was a short welcoming hello from Female Daily representatives and product introduction from Genetrix representative. 

The talk show shared a lot of things in how to achieve our body goals in a right and good way. We need to focus with our goal once we start work out and in order to do that, we have to be disciplined of what we consume, our resting time and the product we use to support us in achieving it. The results may take months or even years, it all back depends on us and it called progress. From this sharing session, I learnt more about how our body work and surely will do for the tips that has been given to achieve my goals for my own body.

Won as The Best IG Post
The final part of the event was the announcement of the best dress, best IG story and best IG post and surprisingly I won for the best IG post. YEEIIYY!! 

All the happy faces after Pound Fit

Not to forget we also had the photo sessions with all the participants and all wrapped up. Thank you Female Daily and Genetrix for having me ! See you on the next event !

Mini Product Review

And now let’s talk about the product itself. Genetrix Slimming Cream is a cream that will help us to reduce the circumference of some areas of our body such as thigh, abdomen, arms or intended areas. Formulated with Marine Ingredient from Bermuda Island, this cream can help us to burn more fat 2x faster while we do work out. Besides, this cream also using the chosen natural ingredients such as Spirulina Platensis Extract, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this cream claim can help to eliminate cellulite, giving skin moisture and maintain skin elasticity. 
It suggested to use this cream twice a day and can be followed with or without exercise, but surely after 28 days of use the results on each person will be different.

My experience after using this cream, I felt warm and itchy sensation in few mins and during work out I found redness on the area I applied which meant the product is working. The cream itself more feels like lotion, not that thick but it’s a bit tacky once applying. It comes in white firm plastic jar packaging and they have two sizes 100gr and 250gr.
After apply

Besides of slimming cream, Genetrix also has Stretch Mark Cream, you can simply check out to their website or Instagram for further infor. You can also directly purchase their products online at market place such as tokopedia, blibli and shopee. Thank you for reading mes amies ! Until next time ;)

xOxO - Cathy

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Nowadays, local beauty brands are really hit the market both for makeup as well as skincare. They keep innovated and always bring something new and different to the market. SASC is one of those among local beauty brands that now people talk about.


I’m actually no someone who is devoted to makeup, but I sometimes can’t resist my eyes from face palette. And yes, it happened when knowing SASC launched their very first Perfect Eye & Face Palette and I feel like I have to own it. This time SASC is collaborated with 3 influencers as their muse in creating the Perfect Eye & Face Palette. These 3 palettes are ideals for all skin tone as they created each differently, all you have to do is just choose which shades of palette that will suit you best. Since I have medium skin tone, I chose Truly ‘Mazing X Tyna Kanna Mirdad Perfect Eye & Face Palette, besides I have fallen in love with the Not Shy blush since the first swatch.

The palette is housed in rose gold long pan. There’s a mica plastic inside which printed with details of the palette and each functions with the purpose to give an ease to those who have just learnt about makeup. We don’t have to worry if we’re losing the mica plastic as the details of the palette also stick at the back body of the pan.

Speaking of the size, it’s quite big than I thought. Even so, this palette has the perfect size of the mirror inside that you can see your entire face at once applying the product. I’m not pretty sure if it’s travel friendly as I feel the palette doesn’t lock firmly. Once the palette is locked, I press each sides of the palette and I felt on the middle part of the palette is not as firmed as the other sides. Hence an extra care packing is needed if we go travelling with this palette.

This palette also comes with nude cardboard with details ingredients at the back of this. When you open the cardboard, there’s also a warm greeting from Tyna Mirdad regarding this palette.  

This palette weights for 32 grams and consists of 2 blushes, 2 highlighters, 1 eyeshadow and 1 eye/face contour & bronzer. See below for a breakdown of all six shades.


Sweet Pot (Blush - 4.7gr) : an orange-y or peach color with matte finish. I actually not a fan of using single color of peach blush as I feel it doesn’t give fresh look on my skin.
Not Shy (Blush – 5.7gr) : a shimmer cool pink and this is my favorite shade from the entire palette.


Aquarius (Highlighter – 4.5gr) : a golden highlight with pearly finish. A little goes a long way with this creamy texture.
On Fleek (Highlighter – 5.2gr) : a bright sand with luminous finish. This is not my favorite highlighter since I need to take the product more and more until the color is showing up.


Truly ‘Mazing (Eyeshadow – 5.2gr) : this is a pretty brown with shimmery finish of touch. It’s just a great single eyeshadow to apply all over the lid and no fallout. I keep using this whenever I want to have simple look for a day.
Caffeine (Eye/Face Contour & Bronzer – 6.7gr) : A soft warm brown. I don’t usually use contour/bronzer as it’s a bit tricky for me. I more like to use it on the out corner of my eye to give a gradation eye look.

This palette offered different formulation for each shades, some are smooth and others are creamy. The blushes and contour/bronzer tend to be more powdery, while for the highlighter (Aquarius) and eyeshadow have creamy texture. While On Fleek highlighter, has undefined texture, it’s not either soft nor creamy.

Each shades of the palette are saturated with pigments, except for On Fleek highlighter. I don’t know if it’s because of the hard texture that affect the this color is somehow hard to show up, so I need to have extra application until the color is truly pop out. However, all is blend easily and buildable, so you can adjust your looks from natural day makeup to glam night makeup look.

As for the staying power, this can last until 8 hours with no retouch. An exception for the eyeshadow as the color is slowly to fade away. But it’s still good tho'.



Overall, I really enjoy myself using this palette and I literally using this palette like almost everyday. In creating my everyday look, I love to use shades Not Shy, Aquarius and Truly ‘Mazing. I like how all the colors are easily to blend and you can build the color as bold as you want for the intensity.

My only concern is just for the packaging, if only SASC Perfect Eye & Face Palette come with more firm closure. This palette is actually good for travelling but yet we need to put extra care once travel with this.

This palette is paraben-free, cruelty-free and Halal Certified. It retails for IDR 375,000 and is available online at SASC Official Store, Sociolla and some market places. Or if you want to purchase offline, you just can visit The Goods Dept. Thank you for your reading, until next time :)

xOxO - Cathy