Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Nowadays, local beauty brands are really hit the market both for makeup as well as skincare. They keep innovated and always bring something new and different to the market. SASC is one of those among local beauty brands that now people talk about.


I’m actually no someone who is devoted to makeup, but I sometimes can’t resist my eyes from face palette. And yes, it happened when knowing SASC launched their very first Perfect Eye & Face Palette and I feel like I have to own it. This time SASC is collaborated with 3 influencers as their muse in creating the Perfect Eye & Face Palette. These 3 palettes are ideals for all skin tone as they created each differently, all you have to do is just choose which shades of palette that will suit you best. Since I have medium skin tone, I chose Truly ‘Mazing X Tyna Kanna Mirdad Perfect Eye & Face Palette, besides I have fallen in love with the Not Shy blush since the first swatch.

The palette is housed in rose gold long pan. There’s a mica plastic inside which printed with details of the palette and each functions with the purpose to give an ease to those who have just learnt about makeup. We don’t have to worry if we’re losing the mica plastic as the details of the palette also stick at the back body of the pan.

Speaking of the size, it’s quite big than I thought. Even so, this palette has the perfect size of the mirror inside that you can see your entire face at once applying the product. I’m not pretty sure if it’s travel friendly as I feel the palette doesn’t lock firmly. Once the palette is locked, I press each sides of the palette and I felt on the middle part of the palette is not as firmed as the other sides. Hence an extra care packing is needed if we go travelling with this palette.

This palette also comes with nude cardboard with details ingredients at the back of this. When you open the cardboard, there’s also a warm greeting from Tyna Mirdad regarding this palette.  

This palette weights for 32 grams and consists of 2 blushes, 2 highlighters, 1 eyeshadow and 1 eye/face contour & bronzer. See below for a breakdown of all six shades.


Sweet Pot (Blush - 4.7gr) : an orange-y or peach color with matte finish. I actually not a fan of using single color of peach blush as I feel it doesn’t give fresh look on my skin.
Not Shy (Blush – 5.7gr) : a shimmer cool pink and this is my favorite shade from the entire palette.


Aquarius (Highlighter – 4.5gr) : a golden highlight with pearly finish. A little goes a long way with this creamy texture.
On Fleek (Highlighter – 5.2gr) : a bright sand with luminous finish. This is not my favorite highlighter since I need to take the product more and more until the color is showing up.


Truly ‘Mazing (Eyeshadow – 5.2gr) : this is a pretty brown with shimmery finish of touch. It’s just a great single eyeshadow to apply all over the lid and no fallout. I keep using this whenever I want to have simple look for a day.
Caffeine (Eye/Face Contour & Bronzer – 6.7gr) : A soft warm brown. I don’t usually use contour/bronzer as it’s a bit tricky for me. I more like to use it on the out corner of my eye to give a gradation eye look.

This palette offered different formulation for each shades, some are smooth and others are creamy. The blushes and contour/bronzer tend to be more powdery, while for the highlighter (Aquarius) and eyeshadow have creamy texture. While On Fleek highlighter, has undefined texture, it’s not either soft nor creamy.

Each shades of the palette are saturated with pigments, except for On Fleek highlighter. I don’t know if it’s because of the hard texture that affect the this color is somehow hard to show up, so I need to have extra application until the color is truly pop out. However, all is blend easily and buildable, so you can adjust your looks from natural day makeup to glam night makeup look.

As for the staying power, this can last until 8 hours with no retouch. An exception for the eyeshadow as the color is slowly to fade away. But it’s still good tho'.



Overall, I really enjoy myself using this palette and I literally using this palette like almost everyday. In creating my everyday look, I love to use shades Not Shy, Aquarius and Truly ‘Mazing. I like how all the colors are easily to blend and you can build the color as bold as you want for the intensity.

My only concern is just for the packaging, if only SASC Perfect Eye & Face Palette come with more firm closure. This palette is actually good for travelling but yet we need to put extra care once travel with this.

This palette is paraben-free, cruelty-free and Halal Certified. It retails for IDR 375,000 and is available online at SASC Official Store, Sociolla and some market places. Or if you want to purchase offline, you just can visit The Goods Dept. Thank you for your reading, until next time :)

xOxO - Cathy

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Hey Loves! In continuing to my previous post for the grand opening 1st boutique store of Banila Co, I got a goodie bag from the event. I have initially shared on my Instagram stories for the goodies and was so excited with all of those as I’ve never experienced with B. by Banila makeup collection. So here I am, going to talk about them, my first impression and so on.

B. by Banila Truetrick Brow Palette
This palette is quite unique with the brow pan shaped which has 3 gradation shades from light brown - brown - dark brown. This palette is alos completed with mini angled brush and spoolie for giving us an ease in creating and design our eyebrow. Texture wise, it's so powdery and a little bit hard to stick on my eyebrow. So, in order to the brow powder stick nicely and stay longer, I usually use this after skincare/foundation when my skin is still damp. 

I'm in shade 02-Brownie and I love this brow palette as the shades are match with my skin tone as well as my dark brown hair. It will give me natural brow looks as the final result.

This brow paltte only has 2 shades with price per item is IDR 280,000. 

 Truetrick Brow Palette (02-Brownie)

B. by Banila Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick 
Do you still remember B. by Banila tagline "Skincare for Makeup"? Yes, this lipstick is formulated with serum and contains argan oil as well as honey extract that will keep your lips moisture during the day. This lipstick glides easily on my lips with glow finish. I can say the pigmentation is in moderate level that I need to apply a little bit more especially on the edge of my lips since it's a bit dark. 

There are 9 shades for this lipstick and I'm in shade SPK03-Rose Falling. The price for this liptstick is around IDR 210,000 each. 

 Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick (SPK03-Rose Falling)

B. by Banila Liplike Lip Slip
The last product I received is Liplike Lip Slip. Back on the event, we actually got a shopping voucher that can be redeemed with Banila Co. products. After looking through the store for the products that I want, I decided to pick this Lip tint. I chose shade RD03-English Red just because on the last makeup demo I saw Oscar Daniel was using this shade and I really love how it looks after applying.

This lip tint has 3 in 1 functions that can be used as lip tint itself, blush on and eyeshadow. It’s lightweight and not to mention it smells sweet like candy. The tip of the applicator is so soft and the pigmentation is everything. Eventhough it has matte finished, this lip tint doesn't dry my skin. As a lip tint, I just use it in small amount and spread it with my ring finger. This lip tint is pretty stay longer on the lips eventhough after meal or drinks and oh it's transfer proof.

This Liplike Lip Slip has total 6 shades in the store and costs around IDR 250,000 each.

 Liplike Lip Slip (RD03-English Red)

With their simple yet white clean packaging, I overall love the B. by Banila makeup collection for everyday use. 

Top :  Liplike Lip Slip (RD03-English Red)
Bottom :  Lipdraw Melting Serum Lipstick (SPK03-Rose Falling)

You can also get all the products from Banila Co. official boutique stores, CNF Stores or through beauty platform Sociolla for the online. Until next review ;)

xOxO - Cathy

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Hello, welcome to my blog! This will be my very first blog post after a very long delay to write due to one to another thing. Today I’m going to share about the event I attended on last June. WOW, that’s kind of long time ago. I know it’s late, but you know what, they always say “it’s better late than never”, right? 😊

So, one of the Korean beauty brand, Banila Co., has just had Grand Opening of their first boutique. Teamed up with Beauty Journal, Banila Co. held the event for 2 days in a row on weekend and I was so happy to be invited to their grand opening event. A short brief of Banila Co., is beauty products from South Korea which was formed in 2005. Banila Co. is known to the market because of their best seller product for cleansing balm named “Clean it Zero”, which have 4 variants. Besides of skincare line, Banila Co. also has makeup line known with B. by Banila with their tagline “Skin Care for makeup”. Isn't it fun to have wearing makeup which also added some skincare formula, so your skin will stay healthy? Banila Co. have finally landed their products in Jakarta at the end of March 2019. Their first boutique itself is located at one of shopping mall in central district Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia 4th Floor.

Skincare Line

Makeup Line

The event was opened by MC and Mrs. Yesika Larasati as Brand Manager of Banila Co. for the brand introduction. Afterwards, the event continued with makeup demo by Oscar Daniel using all products from Banila Co. for the skincare and B. by Banila for the makeup. This time the makeup demo was to create “Korean look” with the natural yet fresh finish look.

MC and Brand Manager Banila Co.

Make up demo by Oscar Daniel using all products from B.by Banila

Done with the makeup demo, it's time for games. We were divided into groups in which each group consists of 5 to 6 members. There were two games which are Swatch Challenge and Create Hampers Challenge. It was super fun until I forgot to capture the moment.

The Famous Cleansing Balm in 4 variants based on skincare types

It was a fun day ! Thank you Banila Co. and Beauty Journal for having us. Until next time !

xOxO - Cathy